About Us

About us

Histogenotech company has started its activities since 2010 in the field of providing specialized scientific, research and production services in the field of medical sciences, histology, tissue engineering, neuroscience, cell, and molecular biology, to promote academic research projects throughout the country. In all research projects, it has always been necessary for every idea and its practical implementation to spend a lot of time to repeat laboratory errors and also a lot of expenses. Considering the ability of our company, along with the knowledge and experience of our staffs for several years, we have taken all due care in providing the best possible specialized scientific and research services at the highest standards of the world, which ultimately led to an improvement in the quality of the results of the articles published by this center.

With the approach of providing scientific and research services and with regard to the policy of resistance economy and domestic production, the Histogenotech company has produced a number of knowledge-based products including general and specific histology staining materials, a variety of cell culture media used for the differentiation of different cell lines into various cells, generation of different animal models, extraction of  active compounds from medicinal plants, production of the recombinant proteins, generation of various ELISA kits for measurement of antioxidants, generation of animal-derived antibodies, and preparation of histology slides for education purposes used in medical schools. These services have tremendously decreased the time and cost required for the performance of research projects.

Regarding all of the founding members of the Histogenotech company are scholars and graduated from well-known universities, they are ready to provide the services as mentioned above in the form of holding training courses such as short training courses in well-equipped laboratories of the Histogenotech company.