health & talent identification

health and talent identification

The sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of various diseases in recent years. Do you know that more than 45% of people are at the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and cancer? Have you ever asked this question from yourself that why your friends are healthier and painless in comparison to you while both of you do the same work? Do you know in addition to health screening, sport genetic test along with an intelligent diet can pave the way for your children to identify their talent and reach the championship platforms, whereas the ignorance of this issue leads to the waste of skills in children?

With the experienced and skillful expertise and human resources (including Ph.D. members at exercise physiology, behavioral and motion sciences, and sport sciences), as well as possessing all facilities and professional equipment that work based on the recent scientific methods, the Histogenotech company has aimed to improve the physical and mental health of all family members at different ages and stages of life by means of holding training course of talent identification to introduce the best a way of reaching the health and championship. The Histogenotech company measures the indices of physical fitness and nutritional factors associated with health status which include cardiovascular endurance, pulmonary and neuromuscular capacities, height abnormalities, strength, flexibility, and balance to help individuals to live with health. Another goal of the Histogenotech company is to urge people experience healthy living without musculoskeletal pains by learning the correct ergonomics in their workplace and everyday life, as well as doing corrective actions since many physical disorders could be prevented and controlled by the use of corrective exercise or at least mitigated their progress. The pathology team and our corrective movements help you experience a life devoid of pain in shoulder, elbow, wrist, pelvis, knee, ankle, waist, neck, as well as spinal cord abnormalities to prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as sports damage (muscles and ligaments).

Some services provided by the Histogenotech company

1-    Sports talent identification based on individual and genetic traits

The Histogenotech company quickly characterizes the latent sports skills in your children, thereby examining individuals characteristics (body measurements, physical fitness, psychology, etc.) and discovering the genetic traits. In other words, these inherent latent talents are similar to a shortcut in your children, which indicates the individual’s ability to achieve the best athletic positions in the shortest possible time. In these tests, by identifying the precise mental and motor skills of each, and predicting his/her physical development, the risk of unconsciousness choice would be nearly zero, and we propose the best athletic options for your children.

2–    Exercise and motor development of children

Regarding the opinions of exercise scientists, numerous children have some degrees of growth retardation such as inabilities in jumping, bouncing, running, etc. These children have difficulties in the performance of many types of exercise and their simple chores while they are not aware of their inabilities. Hence, the Histogenotech company attempts to provide some training courses concerning the necessary skills to prepare the children for performing different kinds of exercise. Choosing proper sport for the child increases his/her enthusiasm toward exercise and also maximizes the physical and mental abilities of them.

3-    Health screening

The assessment of the quality of life of individuals is carried out according to the standard of international organizations, which include assessing the physical and nutritional well-being of subjects. In Histogenotech company, after reviewing and evaluation of the problems in the health status and lifestyle of individuals with a detailed screening, an analytical workbook would be presented to each, containing valuable information about his/her health status. Unfortunately, most of the people are not in full health and not aware of this issue. In simple words, the health index represents the length of life, while the index of well-being demonstrates the width of life. The well-being tells you whether you have enough power to do your job duties or not. The well-being index predicts that you are at risk of developing a disease in the near future. For example, a person with no standardized physical strength is at risk for arthritis, while an individual with no normalized cardiac capacity would be at risk for a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, perhaps, the key to solving the problem of most organizations, complaining about their employees’ health awareness, is in the hands of experts in the physiology of sport and health. What increases the effectiveness of the work process of the Histogenotech company is providing detailed advice about operational strategies for solving the problems of people. The available strategies consisted of prescribing exercise, nutritional support, and corrective exercise. The promotion of such actions among different groups of society leads to improvement and development of quality of life of people and could be considered a reliable investment to protect the human and financial resources of organizations.

4-    A sports program from an amateur to professional in different fields based on genetic profile and individual traits

Undoubtedly, success in various sports fields requires the use of training programs and professional nutrition in relation to exercise. In this section, specialists, in addition to specialized evaluation, provide training and nutrition programs in accordance with the requirements and objectives of the organization. At the world level tournament, most countries share a common goal, and it is ” becoming the best in the world . ” self – awareness of innate ( genetic ) and acquired ( educational ) potential can be a great help to become the best. Therefore, a hero must follow the most appropriate training program based on its genetic traits to determine its strength and weaknesses, assess the time needed to improve after each session, and finally estimate the risk of sports injuries. This is one of the most important goals of the Histogenotech company.

5-    Nutritional program for athletes from amateurs to professionals concerning the genetic profile and individuals traits

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver, arthritis, etc., and to increase physical fitness to day – to – day activity and championship, you must participate in health and nutrition courses of the Histogenotech company. Studies have shown that people who pursue a particular diet based on their characteristics and genetics are significantly more successful in health and physical fitness, compared with those following diet without considerations mentioned above, and such a diet can improve the physical and mental performance.

6-    Special training course for pregnant women

Anatomical and physiological changes in pregnancy include musculoskeletal changes (hyperlordosis), hormonal changes (insulin and diabetes alterations), hypermobility of joints, increased heart rate in resting condition, weight gain, decreased blood pressure, increased blood volume, elevated levels of hemoglobin, and the reduction of VO2max, that based on research, the programmed exercise can control all of the above factors during the gestation period, leading to minimizing the complications of pregnancy. As mentioned, one of the most common complications associated with pregnancy is gestational diabetes, which has significant maternal and fetal risks, including increased fetal mortality, impaired glucose tolerance, and type 2 diabetes. Exercise increases glucose by increasing GLUT4. Exercise is also useful in controlling glucose tolerance and blood glucose control in pregnant women through long-term changes in body composition. After delivery (normal and cesarean delivery), a proper exercise can help the mother to come back to her work more quickly. The training program proposed by the Histogenotech company would be different for each mother at various time of pregnancy.

7-    Elderly exercise

According to research findings, after the age of 25, we lose 1% of aerobic capacity, muscle strength, speed, and other physical functions each year. The amount of activity, fun exercise and a healthy diet have potent effects on performance, reduction, and even stopping the process of physiological capacities degeneration, arising from an increase in the age of individuals.

On the other hand, increasing the elderly population in the country demands appropriate planning with their conditions. Sedentary elderly people are at risk of developing chronic diseases and fall-down injuries caused by ataxia. In this regard, following an exercise program and an appropriate diet can postpone the aging process, resulting in the prevention of home-staying of elderly individuals and their hospitalization. 

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