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Acceptance criteria:

Admission of teams in the center is generally based on the following four main criteria:

Objectives and central idea: The existence of codified goals and classified in the existing standard formats and also the existence of a specific idea that will be the focus of future activities of the scientific teams.

Technical specifications of the project: technical staff and policy of the group in providing technical knowledge, project innovation, technology level, the degree of dependence of the project on external resources and the technological advantage required over existing alternatives.

Having economic and market goals: The existence of economic goals that are the focus of commercialization activities of knowledge-based products or services.

Legal cases: Introduction of standards and licenses related to the proposed design, intellectual property as well as technology of the scientific teams

Obligations of scientific teams

Provide a work plan and schedule the presence of active members

Observance of work and ethics in the incubator

Participate in courses and workshops and planned consultations

Focus activities on the central idea and market knowledge and try to strengthen the economic program

Obligations of the growth center towards the deployed scientific teams:

scientific teams admitted during the introductory growth period can be deployed in the projected public space for six months after admission. This period can be extended if the prototype is not built, despite the logical and regular follow-up and progress by the technology unit and by providing justification reasons with the approval of the council.

The established technology units can benefit from the limited services that can be provided during this period in order to carry out the activities agreed upon by the technology group and the growth center.

Termination of activities of technology units

After entering the growth period, the scientific teams must terminate their activities in this period based on the evaluation and approval of the council, and if they wish to continue their presence in the center, they must apply to enter the growth period.

If the obligations and duties of the scientific teams are not followed up, based on the diagnosis of the incubator manager and the approval of the council, the activity of the unit in this period can be terminated.

Admission steps:

Receive product-oriented design worksheets from the site and submit

Preliminary examination of documents by an office expert

Presenting a seminar of the plan by the idea owner in the council

Review and decision in the council and if the council decides, send the proposal for arbitration and review the results of arbitration in the next council

Acceptance during the introductory growth period or contract growth and conclusion

To be accepted in Herbotech Growth Center, all you have to do is download the following worksheets and send them after completion.

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