Herbotech Health Technology and Incubator Center

Herbotech Health Technology and Incubator Center has started its activities in the heart of Histogenotech Company with the aim of supporting new ideas for innovative products with a license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Due to the great importance of medicinal plants and the need to use them based on current knowledge, Herbotech has focused its main goal on such designs and ideas, although Herbotech is open to all areas related to health.

What is an Incubator?

Incubators are tools for transforming creativity, ideas, thought and research into marketable products and entrepreneurship development.

The incubator is derived from the incubate word, which refers to the concepts of reproduction, cultivation, growth and development. In the entrepreneurial literature, incubators are part of the technical infrastructure and are institutions or frameworks that are established to grow or create small businesses.

Most incubators consist of small management staff and have shared physical space and facilities. Incubators are usually established alongside a research center that provides support services (whether technical or non-technical) to transform an innovation or invention into a marketable product.

It is widely accepted around the world that incubators are reliable tools for transforming innovation and research achievements into products, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship and technological development.

Incubators are the location of private companies, industrial research and development units, or student and university technology units that will be located in the incubators if accepted. Companies that can achieve the goals of the program and succeed in creating technology and technical knowledge in the relevant field and present their research achievements to the market during their work in the incubators and using the facilities of this center.

Main goals of Herbotech Health Development Center

The purpose of setting up the Herbotech incubator is to support the country’s talents and help advance ideas that can bring about the production of domestic products, so that the country can boost production and self-sufficiency.

Creating a secure platform for commercializing research achievements

Creating the conditions to increase motivation among university graduates and technologists

Entrepreneurship for college graduates and helping their ideas flourish

Contribute to the commercialization of scientific research

Creating the space for the growth of different teams

Providing educational services to commercialize a new idea

Create powerful and creative technology cores

Production, commercialization, marketing and sale of technological products

Provide legal protections to facilitate commercialization of scientific ideas

Pre-incubate period

The course is a maximum of 6 months in which talented individuals or groups with new ideas are provided with the necessary advice and training to get acquainted with the market, identify the working group, and consolidate the working idea. This period can be extended if the prototype is not made, despite the logical and regular follow-up and progress by the technology and the presentation of justifications with the approval of the council. If successful in pre-incubate period, start-ups can apply for formal housing in incubate period.

Incubate period

A maximum period of 3 years in which units have the opportunity from the Incubate period to determine the status of their group or company after reaching the final result.

In this period, the groups must have reached the final result, i.e. the prototype of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Incubator?

Creating a suitable space for realizing the ideas

What designs are accepted?

Ideas that address the needs of society and have economic justification are welcomed.

In which areas does the Herbotech incubator operate?

The Herbotech incubator focuses on medicinal plants including plant extracts, plant essential oils, and production of nanoparticles from various plants.

What is the benefits of being admitted to a growth center?

Benefit from the guidance of professional experts, facilitate the process of commercialization of technology, and benefit from the services of the incubator

How is the acceptance process?

Please visit the admission section of the site and fill the forms.

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