Production of pathological dyes

Production of general and specific pathology dyes 

 Thepathology is a science dealing with functional disorders and structural changesin tissues. Choosing the appropriate staining in pathology is one of the mostcritical factors that can have a direct impact on the stain of tissues andultimately, the diagnostic and research studies. So, the improper selection canbring the experience and skill of the technician into question. TheHistogenetic Co., with the production of generic and specific pathology stain,has taken a significant step towards the quality and detection of histologicalanalysis. Below are some of the factors that caused the staining productsproduced by Histogenetic Co. to become widely accepted among consumers.

  • Use of materials from reputable companies in the world in the production of dyes
  • cost-effective of product
  •  Experience in the production of all general and specific pathology dyes
  • Consumer services from sale time to the end
  •    Scientific consult to use the product
  •  Excellent quality and competitive ability with the products of today’s world-class companies
  • Placing the brochure with the full details of the method of work within the specific kits

Someof the producedhistological dyes offeredin Histogenetech. Co. ;

  • Masson’s trichrome dye
  •  alcian blue dye
  •  crystal violet dye
  •  luxol fast blue dye
  •  Reticulin dye
  • PAS (Periodic acid–Schiff dye )
  • Oil Red O dye
  •  Alizarin Red
  •  giemsa dye
  •  sudan black dye
  • acridine orange dye
  • jones dye
  • Golgi dye
  • Verhoeffs dye
  • feulgen dye
  • aniline blue dye
  • orcein dye
  • light green dye
  • trypan blue dye
  • EA50 , OG6 
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