Sport Motor Behavior

Motor Behavior

The Motor Behavior is the study of human performance and status, which according to coherent internal processes that leading relatively constant changes in performance, Therefore, motor behavior involving all human movements and status also includes processes that lead to relatively constant changes in performance.

Motor behavior has a subset of motor control, motor learning and motor Development.

Motor Control

The study of physiologic nerve agents that is effective on human movement. The “physiological nerve” refers to the function of the human body, especially in relation to the nervous system. The nervous system is of particular importance in human movement. Because the nerve cells stimulate muscle fibers to create the desired movement.  

Motor Learning

Study processes involved in the acquisition and development of motor skills. Motor skills are defined as activities that their implementation depend on their practice and experience.  

Motor development

Changes in the motor behavior of people resulting in the interaction of the growing organism and its circumference. In other words, motor development is a change in during of people life.

Some of the techniques of motor behavior presented in The Histogenetech. Co. ;

  • Alzheimer’s Model + Exercise Training andBehavioral Tests
  • Alzheimer’s Model + Exercise Training andBehavioral Tests + herbal supplement or probiotic.
  • Model of Maternal Separation Stress +Exercise training (Swimming) and Behavioral Tests
  • Model of Maternal Separation Stress + Exercise training (Swimming) and BehavioralTests + herbal Supplements.  
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