Genetics Services with the Most Experienced Staff

Genetics Services with the Most Experienced Staff

Nowadays, due to the increasing research in genetic science, especially in our country, the application of a variety of genetic tests in the field of stem cell research, diagnostic, therapeutic, prognostic and many other areas is of great importance.  The Histogenotech company has aimed, after a brief introduction of different genetic tests based on their application and purposes, to introduce the processes, applicability, disadvantages, and advantages of genetic examinations that are frequently used in the fields of cytogenetic and molecular genetics. For this aim, in the area of cytogenetic, our institution presents genetic manipulations experiments, flow cytometry, CGH, and FISH, and in the field of molecular genetics, a variety of examinations such as PCR-based techniques, quantification of PCR results, and next generation of sequence (NGS) are introduced.

Some of the genetic techniques offered in Histogenetech Co. :

  • ELISA, Western blot and flow cytometry assessment
  • Transformation of bacteria by chemical and electroporation method
  • Colony bacterial culture, plasmid purification and production of packaged virus
  • Screening bacterial colonies by PCR
  •  Design, order and verify the correctness of the construction of the vector
  • Design of expressive vectors
  • Transduction of the cell with the virus
  • Lentiviral GFP vector to label donor stem cells
  • Generation of recombinant cell lines
  • Gene cloning and protein expression workshop

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