Mission And Vision

The company’s new business position is to produce and sell biotech-based products in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical products and diagnostic kits and provide scientific and research services in all areas of medical and commercial science and commerce based on foreign knowledge products. The mission of the company, relying on the expertise of the company’s experienced professionals and the use of up-to-date equipment and high-tech sciences, is to provide services and production of human pharmaceutical products that meet the community’s medicinal needs and improve the quality of community health. The company is seeking to become one of the top five biotechnology and human vaccine pharmaceutical companies in the country and one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East by 1410, relying on market share in human vaccines, increasing profitability. Twenty percent, providing at least two high-tech new products throughout the year and achieving a 5 percent share of export sales. Histogenotech Inc. is one of 5 knowledge-based companies in the field of recombinant cell production and operates as an accelerator through contracts with other science and technology development institutes and parks. Histogenotech has been a research center in the field of education and research and has done much research on R&D projects so far.
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