Specialized Research

Research Courses

The sustaineddevelopment of the country and rapid changes in the scientific andtechnological environments, as well as global markets, oblige manufacturers,and consumers to keep pace with these alterations. The knowledge-basedinstitution, Histogenotech company, thanks to possessing highly specializedlaboratories, research councils, and well-qualified technical staffs iswell-versed in applied research, as well as providing consulting services inthe field of histology, cellular and molecular biology, developmentalneuroscience, and traditional medicine. These facilities attracted manyresearchers to work in this center, making this center as a paradigm for otherresearch institutions and universities.  Experienced professors of thecenter, thanks to their knowledge about the latest scientific issues and beingup-dated are ready to propose and consult innovative research projects, andthey are capable of performing various research projects.

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