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equipment and Different cell culture techniques

equipment and Different cell culture techniques

Preliminary preparations and initial equipment for cell culture techniques

In this section, separating cells from the various tissues, cell seeding in a flask and plate, Changing the medium and passaging cell, cell counting, and trypan blue staining … will be addressed.

cell-culture studies (cell growth and cell cycle), cancer cell growth control methods, gene expression modulation, animal production, transgenic animal production, production of viral vaccines, antibody production, and tissue engineering …

The essential equipment for cell culture techniques :

  • Laminar flow hood
  • Incubator
  • Co2 capsule
  • Centrifuge
  • Autoclave
  • Pipite and micropipette
  • Neubauer hemocytometer
  • Optical microscope
  • Nitrogen tank
  • Cell culture room
  • Material for cell culture
  • Solutions required for cultivation
equipment and Different cell culture techniques

Different types of typical cell culture techniques

Generally, cell culture may be obtained either by allowing cells to migrate out from fragments of tissue or using mechanically or enzymatically separation from a tissue.

  • Types of cell cultures
  • Organ culture
  • Primary culture of tissue fragments
  • Cell culture

Organ harvesting

In this type of culture, The tissue is placed on the surface of the liquid-gas contact, in which the three-dimensional structure of the tissue will be preserved.

The early culture of tissue components

In this method, the part of the tissue is placed on a solid surface and is in contact with the fluid medium in which the cells migrate in order to grow.

Cell culture

In this method, after mechanical or enzymatic tissue lysis, the resulting cells are cultured on a sticky layer on a substrate or cell suspension.

Destination of early cultures

  • Continuous cell line: Cells in the presence of unlimited food and environmental conditions continue to multiply, and an unlimited number of passages is possible.
  • Limited cell lines: these cells can only be replicated for a limited number and their growing stop after proliferation.

Purification of the cell line :

For different studies, a similar population of a cell is needed. Considering that there is a diverse population of cells in the early cultures, purification is required for the separation of the desired cell line, the most commonly used purification method in continuous culture is cell colonization.

Also, for purification, selective culture media and Cell Sorting instruments including FACS and MACS, can be used.

Cell Cloning

In this method, a cell population is generated by the mitosis of a cell that creates a homogeneous clone. There are many ways to do cloning, which will be referred below.

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