HISTOGENOTECH Histogenotech basic sciences research center Histopathological studies Molecular studies histogenotech Animal Study Different animal models Histopathology staining, Tissue engineering
and Histological services
RNA extraction, cDNA Synthesis and PCR
HISTOGENOTECH Histogenotech incubator and accelerator Microbiological studies Culture and differentiation of different eukaryote
cells and flow cytometry
Eukaryote cells studies MIC, MBC and different drug susceptibility test Plant extraction Different herbal plants total extraction
essential oil and fractionation
HISTOGENOTECH High-technology research center in the field of medical sciences Genetic studies Embryological studies Investigation of recombinant proteins
expressions and tracer vectors
Biotechnology studies Elisa, Cloning and Western blotting Sperm and Ovary stocking

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Synthesis and analysis of nanoparticles, Histogenotech Nanotechnology unit

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Animal models
Western blotting
Antimicrobial susceptibility tests

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Novel Object Recognition

Novel Object Recognition

Novel Object Recognition (NOR) task is used to evaluate cognition, particularly recognition memory, in rodent models of CNS disorders

Shuttle Box

Shuttle Box

Shuttle Box The Passive Avoidance task Shuttle Box is a fear-aggravated test used to evaluate

Polymerase Chain Reaction PRC

Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR

Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR is a process which during an iterative temperature program a specific part of the genome or cDNA is amplified

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