The rapid development and progress of Biotechnology have shown that this new technology has broad potential in different areas of Biology and it could be used for the production of new tools and materials in cellular and molecular biology.Regarding the urgent need of industrial and research centers for techniques applied in this technology, the Histogenotech company would be honored to provide the up-to-date techniques for students, researchers, professors, research and industrial institutions, as well as agricultural, medical, and health centers. Some of the biotechnology techniques offered in Histogenetech. Co. :
  • CRISPR/Cas9 & Targeted Genome Editing
  • Design and construction of vector as tracker
  • Cell tracing by vector In vivo and In vitro
  • Design and construction of vector contained microRNA and siRNA
  • Microorganisms detection from different samples for microbiological analysis
  • Antibiotic extraction from fungi
  • Isolation and identification of fungi for the production of antibiotics
  • Design of viral vector to produce of recombinant cells and growth factors in Pro and Eucaryote system
  • Nanoparticles synthesis by fungi and Yeast

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