• Plant extraction

    Herbal extracts Due to the increasing use of natural products, the application of a variety of extracts and essential oils…

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  • Biotechnology

    The rapid development and progress of Biotechnology have shown that this new technology has broad potential in different areas of…

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  • Embryology

    Embryology and reproductive science are one of the most prolific medical sciences in the last three decades, with a dramatic…

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  • Genetic

    Nowadays, due to the increasing research in genetic science, especially in our country, the application of a variety of genetic…

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  • Animal Studies

    Practical training in animal laboratory The numerous similarities of animals with the human being, the short lifespan, and possibility of…

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  • Cytology Cell Differentiation cell Transplantation


    Cytology has led to an increase in human knowledge in the evolution of organisms by the assessment of the structure,…

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  • RNA DNA Extraction primer PCR


    The progress of the last two decades in the field of molecular biology has resulted in the improvement of the…

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  • Histology Tissue Engineering and Pathology


    The histological technique begins with the admission of samples and continues with the preparation of samples for the observation under…

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