The histological technique begins with the admission of samples and continues with the preparation of samples for the observation under a light microscope. The procedures of histological analysis include fixation, paraffin-embedding, tissue sectioning via a rotary microtome, tissue staining, and mounting the sectioned specimens on slides. Moreover, tissue engineering has provided new technical methods for tissue sectioning, cell tracking, and evaluation of engineered tissue structure.

Some of the histological techniques offered in Histogenetech. Co. :

  • Preparation of paraffin and frozen sections in different sizes
  • General and specialized histological staining in tissue and cells
  • Immunocytochemistry techniques
  • Immunohistochemistry techniques
  • TUNEL technique for apoptotic assay in tissue and cells
  • Preparation of scaffold for histological assessments
  • Preparation of histological slide for education
  • Preparation of histological sections for SEM analysis
  • Preparation of histological sections for TEM analysis

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